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Surface Conditions - powder & machine groomed powder
Snowfall 24 hrs - 8cm 
Snowfall 7 days - 47cm
100% of Terrain Open 
Stairway OPEN  
Siren OPEN pending evaluation
Cerberus OPEN  
Lucifer's Lane OPEN  
Waterfall OPEN  
Inferno OPEN  
Limbo OPEN  
Pluto OPEN  
River Styx OPEN  
Achilles Heel OPEN  
Upper Paradise OPEN  
Lower Paradise OPEN  
Hade's Lane OPEN  
Purgatory Park OPEN  
The Meadows OPEN  
Zeus OPEN  
Beatrice OPEN  
Eden OPEN  
Elysian Fields OPEN  
Acheron OPEN pending evaluation
Salvation OPEN  
Revelation OPEN  
Hallelujah OPEN  
Hallelujah Glades OPEN pending evaluation

Lift Operating Hours:

Weekends & Holidays: 8:30 - 4:30 (Sunday 4:00)

Weekdays: 9:00 - 4:00

Terrain Park operates Friday - Sunday

Recreation Trails

The Rec trails are experiencing mid-winter conditions with ice, snow and wind-blown bare sections.  
Depending upon conditions traction devices highly recommended. 
Mud and melt-freeze conditions may occur as weather changes.
(Switchback Trail has some damage due to erosion.)
Use at own risk. 
East to Glen Huron - snow covered with slippery sections
West to Switchbacks - machine groomed with a few bare sections (switchback use caution)

Upper Trail Network - machine groomed Jan 21 with a few bare sections
Hades Quad OPEN  
Lucifer's Quad OPEN peak periods only
Magic Carpet OPEN  
Heavenly Quad OPEN  
Revelation Quad OPEN