Conditions - Opening Weekend Dec 16/17

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Lift Status         Comment         
Hades Quad CLOSED  9:00 - 3:30
Lucifer's Quad CLOSED  
Magic Carpet CLOSED  
Heavenly Quad CLOSED  
Revelation Quad CLOSED  

Trail Difficulty Status         Comment         
Stairway CLOSED  
Siren CLOSED  
Cerberus CLOSED  
Lucifer's Lane CLOSED  
Waterfall CLOSED  
Inferno CLOSED  
Limbo CLOSED  
Pluto CLOSED  
River Styx CLOSED  
Achillies Heel CLOSED  
Upper Paradise CLOSED  
Lower Paradise CLOSED  
Hade's Lane CLOSED  
Purgatory Park CLOSED (0) features 
The Meadows CLOSED  
Beatrice CLOSED  
Elysian Fields CLOSED  
Acheron CLOSED  
Salvation CLOSED  
Revelation CLOSED  
Hallelujah CLOSED  
Hallelujah Glades CLOSED  
Recreation Trails
CAUTION!  Early season conditions

East to Glen Huron - natural

West to Switchbacks - natural

Upper Trail Network - natural

1.5km Skate Ski Loop at Top -  CLOSED 

Central Ontario Road Conditions Report